Social Media

“People love stories”

“A final predictor of success is the quality of the story itself. ‘People love stories. The more you see your story as part of a broader narrative, the better,’ Berger says.” — Maria Konnikova in The New Yorker

A Seismic Shift in Content Consumption?

A new iPad app called Flipboard has been the subject of enthusiastic reviews in Website magazine and other media outlets recently. The app connects to your social media accounts, aggregates content from those sources, and presents it in a “slick, easy-to-use ‘personal magazine,’” says the Website magazine article. “Every time the app is launched, your […]

Making the Case for Tumblr

As someone who constantly recommends the WordPress publishing platform, I’m also intrigued by other blogging platforms, particularly those that promise to be easy to use for non-technical content creators. A recent article from makes the case for Tumblr. The article by Mallary Jean Tenore features Mark Coatney, who used to work at Newsweek and […]