“Lives lost but not forgotten Heather, Jay, Berke’

What a horrific few days it has been. My heart breaks for Charlottesville; the young woman who died while protesting the neo-Nazis, the KKK, and other white supremacists who came to her hometown to protect a hunk of metal that the duly elected city council had voted to remove; and also for the two state […]

Developing Trust in an Age of News Disruption

I’ve spent some time recently thinking about the role journalism plays in the world these days, and how we got here. As someone who’s been a journalist, on and off, for more than two decades I worry about how journalism has evolved and devolved during that time as we struggle to make sense of new […]

“The key the future of the world …”

“The key the future of the world …”

Pete Seeger was a singer, songwriter, and lifelong champion for social change. He also recognized the importance of storytelling in effecting that change. From Jon Pareles’ obituary of Pete Seeger in The New York Times: Through the years, Mr. Seeger remained determinedly optimistic. “The key to the future of the world,” he said in 1994, “is […]

“People love stories”

“A final predictor of success is the quality of the story itself. ‘People love stories. The more you see your story as part of a broader narrative, the better,’ Berger says.” — Maria Konnikova in The New Yorker

Getting down to details with a content audit, Part 2

While conducting an audit of a website recently, I wanted to create a comprehensive site map that would give me a detailed picture of every asset in my site. I didn’t know the best way to do that. So I checked in with members of the Content Wranglers group on LinkedIn and received two great […]